INTEGRA-LIFE will functionally integrate and reinforce the most promising research groups in the field of molecular life sciences from different faculties and departments of UNI-Zagreb. All selected groups have already demonstrated excellence in research and the ability to raise international research funds. After critical evaluation of the existing resources, the action plan is proposed aiming to reinforce research potential of the INTEGRA-LIFE research network. Coherent set of measures comprising acquirement and upgrading of equipment, recruiting of experienced researchers and fostering exchange of knowledge and experience with 13 eminent European partnering organisations is proposed.

Our main strength is the already demonstrated excellence of our researchers in several complementary areas of molecular life sciences (glycoproteomics, epigenetics, genetic engineering, biochemistry and bioinformatics). Significant investments in both equipment and human resources in the past years enabled creation of a considerable research potential which will be further increased. The proposed integration of research efforts of 24 participating principal investigators into four strategic research priorities creates the opportunity to form a respectable critical mass of researchers and infrastructural capacity which would enable the most ambitious interdisciplinary research projects. Specific opportunity for rapid progress exists in the field of glycome analysis where we are currently one of the leading laboratories in the world. Through the proposed integration of researchers working in glycoproteomics, bioinformatics and epigenetics we have the chance to form interdisciplinary team with unique set of competences and become world leaders in the field of complex genetics and epigenetics of protein glycosylation. This would significant increase the visibility of UNI-Zagreb in the ERA and enable us to take leading roles in large international consortia and FP projects.